Use Cases:
Template of notes (eg. a template inserting a group with two notes: a title and a content)
Kicker applet to show icons of a number of selected baskets (to simulate multiple systray icon, and it's convenient because icons are always pointing to the same basket)
Desktop applet to show a basket on the desktop, like KNotes
Konqueror/Firefox extension "Add selected text to current basket" (right-click menu or toolbar icon...)
Display important data on the desktop: display every notes with the tag "Important" or "Desktop" (configurable)
Export to HTML at every change (save a list of baskets to Export): a signal should be triggered, and the script will then ask the basket to be exported to eg. /var/www/mybasket
Synchronize baskets with folder sync softwares (like http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/): automatically send a notice to another computer when a basket changed, so it can refresh the view
Service Menu in Konqueror, to add selected files, URLs...
Kate plugin to have code clips in a sidebar
Clipboard history come-back
Tags Summary. Example:
 NoteA (Tag1 Tag2)
 NoteB (Tag1)
 NoteC (Tag2 Tag3)
 NoteD (Tag2)
Search in every baskets and create a temporary basket with copy of notes:
~ Backup BasKet data and be able to restore them later
Stats: number of baskets and notes (example script!)
Can be useful to know how people are using BasKet Note Pads
When using a certain syntax when writting a text note, automagically link to and create another basket (Wiki like)
Different little scripts:
- Split lines of a text note to several notes
- Hitting a keyboard shortcut should split the edited text note in two
- Transform first line to title
- Convert note type
Mix colors (for webdesigners wanting to create a color palette)
Insert a computation
Keep notes alphabetically sorted
Test script: Event surveyor: listen to every BasKet DCOP signal and print it to test if the signals are well emited
Scripts / Plugins(+featureToolbarIcon+keyboardShortcut) C++ or scripted / Applets (register to start/remove)
When running a script, tell automatically the minimum BasKet Note Pads version needed
KROSS, the Kexi scripting bridge
KTrader to load plugins?
DCOP: Desktop COmmunications Protocol
Transparent Installing/Removing of 2007 Office System add-ins
When clicking "Send to BasKet Note Pads" in Konqueror or any other application, show a menu:
- In the current basket
- In the "Unfiled" basket
- Configure where to drop data for that application
- Configure where to drop data for every applications
Provide a standard way for that, and a central place in the application to configure it...
Basket (id, name, icon, bgColor, textColor, layout, shortcut)
Note (id, type, content, fileName)
Filter"*Data*" (string, tag/state, everyBaskets...)
Get version
Create new note with content / new group
Append a note to a note chunk / basket
Feedback a chunk of notes ("Added those notes: ...")
Unplug a note
Activate / hide / toggle window
Get / set current basket
Get / set basket properties
Get notes selection (selected notes, by filter ***, from which basket(s))
Get / set filter(s)
Get HTMLExportationSettings
Export to HTML
Get basket list / tree
Get number of notes (with a filter or not)
Convenience Functions:
Create and insert a note with content
Get current basket name / icon / ...
Current basket changed / edited
Filter changed
Note changed / deleted / added in a basket
Just edited this note
C++ Wrapper
Python Wrapper
Ruby Wrapper

Fait avec Blocs notes BasKet 0.6.0Alpha2b, un outil KDE pour prendre des notes et garder une grande variété de données sous la main.