Changes of 1.0 Compared to Development Versions

Maintenance release:


Another maintenance release:


This is a bug-fix release:


This is a bug-fix release:

1.0 RC 3

This third Release Candidate adds Russian translation (including welcome baskets), solve a bug in welcome basket links when a default search engine is selected in Konqueror, and solve an important usabilty issue: clicking a link is opening it, and clicking the icon edit it (inverted button and link clicks). This should be the last release candidate.

1.0 RC 2

This second Release Candidate correct Welcome Baskets bugs: the pt_PT one was having the "import" link not working, the translated welcome baskets were not used on some systems (English ones were used) and use the English ones for system not using UTF-8 to not get weired characters.

1.0 RC

Here we are. BasKet Note Pads is frozen for packagers to work, now. You can download it and compile it now, or wait one or two weeks for the packages to be ready. Here is what changed in this version, compared to Beta 3:

1.0 Beta 3

Since a few months, I figured out that 0.6.0 was an excelent release. Feature full and easy enough.
Tough some features were removed from the 0.6.0 initial plan, I tryed to add them in this 0.6.1 version, as well as most popular requests from you, the users.
The next release, 0.6.1 will be the last one targeted for KDE 3.
All in all, I'm proud to anounce the next release will not be numbered 0.6.1, but 1.0, finally!
The KDE 4 targeted version will be numbered 2.0.

The version 1.0 Beta 3 continues on providing highly requested features.

A lot of people contacted me (through email and LikeBack comments) because they worried about where are stored theire baskets. How to do backups, how to share them between computers.
So, I'm happy to annouce that BasKet Note Pads now lets you know where your basket data are saved, it allows you to change the save location, and it lets you quickly and easily backup and restore your data. That's a step further in being able to fully trust the application (if it wasn't enough yet ;-) ). For me, this is a very important characteristic of BasKet Note Pads.

A long time ago, I also made a survey to know what note taking applications you were using before BasKet Note Pads. This allowed me to prioritize the programming of the different importers. But one of the most used "note taking system" was not having importer yet. This is now fixed: you can import you text files right into baskets, and automatically cut the file in several notes, all in an easily customizable way!

Here are the complete list of new features:

0.6.1 Beta 2

Compared to 0.6.1 Beta 1, this new version now export all sub-baskets when exporting to HTML, and shows a progress dialog during the process.

0.6.1 Beta 1

This new version includes the following new features:

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