Installation How-To

Here, there are full instructions and tips to install BasKet Note Pads.

Installation From Source With the Assistant

BasKet Note Pads includes a small script that will guide you trough the process of building and installing BasKet Note Pads.

Simply extract the basket archive.
Right click the file in Konqueror and choose "Extract Here" in the "Actions" or "Extract" submenu.
Open the newly created folder and press F4 to open a new Konsole window for this folder.

Then, type ./installer: the assistant will do everything and will even (re)start BasKet Note Pads for you.
It usually takes several minutes. At the end, it will beek and ask for the root password to install it (if you choose the system wide installation).

If the process does not succeed or some libraries are missing or cannot be found, try to install the *-dev or *-devel packages of your distribution: they contain library (X, QT, KDE...) sources needed to compile from sources.

Installation From Distribution Package

If you've got BasKet Note Pads in the form of a package for your distribution, just open it, give the root password and voil´┐Ż BasKet Note Pads is now available in your KMenu under the "Utilities" category, waiting for you to launch it.

This is a KDE project