RSS Feed

To be kept informed as soon as a new version of BasKet Note Pads or WeBasKet is released, you can use BasKet Note Pads's RSS feed:

A RSS feed is a small network resource that contains news from a site, a weblog, a project, etc.
You need a news aggregator to collect feeds.
An aggregator collects feeds so the news items are readable from a single place regardless of their source, and you can be notified as soon as a site is updated.
This saves you a lot of time because you won't have to visit all sites anymore. The aggregator collects them for you.

Add the RSS link above as a source to one of the following applications (depending on your desktop):

This is the KDE news aggregator. It is the best one, and it is also well integrated with Konqueror;
The GNOME news aggregator;
NetNewsWire is an elegant MAC OS X aggregator, easy to use, and powerful;
RSS Bandit
Simple, beautiful and efficient, RSS Bandit is a free and full-featured aggregator for Windows.;
Bloglines is a WEB based aggregator. After subscribing, you will be able to read feeds from any computer, with any OS. It only needs a WEB browser.

You can also use one of the following alternatives:

A KDE events daemon which can also display RSS feeds;
Super Karamba aggregators
If you have Super Karamba installed (it allows you to display various information sources on your desktop), a lot of themes allow you to retreive RSS feeds;
Mozilla Thunderbird
This mail client can also manage RSS feeds in a nice way;
Mozilla Firefox
Version 1.0 of this WEB browser automatically searches for RSS feeds in pages, and allows you to display them as dynamic bookmarks;
This is a simple but efficient aggregator for Windows;
An aggregator for Windows with more features;
Another aggregator for Windows with more features.
This is a KDE project