Changes of 0.6.0 Compared to Development Versions

BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 RC

This is the final release. It is now declared stable. You can download it. We only have to wait for packagers to work and me to do a new website, and 0.6.0 will be officialy released. Thanks to all people who commented using LikeBack, or who sent crash reports. They helped making this release rock. Because yes, this release ROCK!

Note: On 16 Octoctober at 20H30 I uploaded an enhanced version of 0.6.0 RC: it contains full Russian translations and compile fixes for SuSE Linux.

BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 Beta 2.2

The last beta version for 0.6.0. It focus on getting every translatable messages done so that translators can now work once and for all. Every new features are now done. From now on, we will fix bugs and crashes. Nothing more! This last beta also solve the most annoying bugs introduced in the Beta 2 and Beta 2.1, as well as others introduced earlier. If you do not dig too deep, this version is stable enough. Devil will be in the details for the final versions.

BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 Beta 2.1

Beta 2 was quite crashy when used in Kontact, and got some regressions while doing the integration with Kontact. This interim version fixe the most annoying crashes and bugs:

BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 Beta 2

Impressing new features have been added. This is potentially the last "big new features" release before the stable finale 0.6.0 version. On the following months, we will concentrate on fixing bugs and crashes, and polishing the user experience.

BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 Beta 1

With this first beta, every 0.5.0 features are back, important changes in the application behaviour are introduced (like the rich text notes by default), and a lot of bugs have been solved!
Future development versions will be fit and finish: add tag edition, polish export to HTML, correct free-form basket bugs...

BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 Alpha 2b

This alpha 2 corrects the data loss that were present in every Alpha 1 versions.
But I discovered the data loss while I've already developed lot of new features targetted for Beta 1.
Since those new features are stable (in fact they are globally more stable than alphas 1), I give them to you with the correction, as a bonus and a present to excuse the possible data loss!
Some behavioural changes may appear to be strange but I will talk about them when it's time to release Beta 1...

Changes in 0.6.0 Alpha 2 compared to 0.6.0 Alpha 1 D:

BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 Alpha 1 D

My new year present: Alpha 1 is finally downloadable and usable.
The new drag and drop system is featured on this screenshot: you can drag several notes at once (all ten notes are selected on the screenshot), there is a useful preview of what you are dragging (the gray rectangle under the mouse) and when copying and pasting the notes in a text editor (the KWrite window in the screenshot), the tags are replaced by a textual equivalent (you can disable this behaviour)...

Here is what's new in Alpha 1 D, compared to Alpha 1 C:

Here is what's new in Alpha 1 C, compared to Alpha 1 B:

Here is a list of all changes in Alpha 1 B, compared to Alpha 1 (crash, bugs, compilation and usability errors fixes; as well as the come back of import):

Here is a list of all changes in Alpha 1, compared to 0.5.0 and Make-it-Cool 3:

Some features and options have been removed or changed for a better experience.

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