Note: While much of this is still relevant, this roadmap is out of date. Either a lot of time, or more developers are required to make all of these happen.

Here are all features I plan to implant into BasKet Note Pads in the future.
The features are splitted in groups, this gives a good idea of how features will be packed in different versions, and roughly when (first groups should be implemented first).


Features Nice to Have

DCOP Interface, Plugins & Scripting

See this brainstorming ideas basket.
I will need help from two sort of people: script makers and binding makers. I need people who know how to write eg. SuperKaramba scripts, and people who know Python, Ruby, etc., as I do not know those languages.
And if you have script/applets ideas or you want to write a script, contact me.

New Types of Notes

Ubiquitous Baskets

Sync Using the BasKet Sharing Server

For this item, I started a whole project on some months ago. It is currently dead (and only contains a mailing list), but I would want to continue it. If you know PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript... you can partitipate. To know what roles you can do, here is the message explaining who is needed in every part of the project. Some specifications were written, but are now outdated according to the discussions that happened on the mailing list...

This is a KDE project